Franz Liszt: Complete cello and piano works

Record Label: Columna Musica
Album cover art: Riki Blanco

Dear friends, I am very pleased to share with you my first recording with my colleague and friend Antonio Simón, which we have made following the conclusions of our ongoing investigation on romantic and late-romantic performing styles.

Hopefully, our interpretation will speak for itself, so I will not comment on it too much. I would only like to underline how much we enjoyed working on this proyect and the fact that we found many elements of motivation tackling it. First of all, the challenge of facing the interpretative styles of the late 19th century trying to get them free from the commonplaces usually heard today, and secondly the fact that four "world premiere recordings" of Liszt´s cello and piano music are offered, including the fantastic and original Fünf Rumänische Tänze and the reconstruction we have made of two Liszt pieces which are currently lost. 

I have used for this performance my 1893 Lazzaretti cello, with a special romantic period set of gut strings made by Damian Dlugolecki, and a Fétique bow. Antonio plays the Erard piano of 1884 in the collection of the Museu de la Musica of Barcelona, where we recorded this CD on last december.

I hope you will enjoy both Liszt's music and the performative approach we have applied in our interpretation. I am persuaded that you will find the result quite enjoyable!

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